Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Beautiful Thailand : Kamphaeng Phet at Thailand

Kamphaeng Phet is an important province. During the Sukhothai era, it was a town whose status was recognized as that of the crown ruling town, it is presumed to have been established in 1347 during the Reign of King Ler Thai, the 4th King of the Sukhothai dynasty and it was called "Cha Kang Rao and "Nakhon Chum" Kamphaeng Phet occupies an area of 8,607.5 square kilometers and is located 358 kms. from Bangkok. This province is in the lower Northern Region, having its territory bordering on: Tak and Sukhothai.
The old town of Kamphaeng Phet, classified by UNESCO with the World Inheritance of Humanity in 1991, skirting the ruins of Sukhothai,is in the Historical Park of Kamphaeng Phet.

With its historical museums and its old ruins, this province is an interesting stage at the time of a voyage to the north of Thailand and beyond.