Monday, July 18, 2011

Tidung Island in Indonesia

Little about the Tidung Island

When talking Tidung Island then it can not be separated by the Thousand Islands. Tidung Island is one of the islands in the Thousand Islands. The island is divided into two, namely, Pulau Besar and Pulau Tidung Tidung Small. The island also has a considerable population. Tidung Island region is a unique place, especially for marine tourism and diving. Coral reef ecosystem on the island still has a beauty that is quite good, especially when conducting snorkeling or diving in the deep area. Research activities are also often done in this area.

The island consists of Tidung Tidung Large and Small Tidung connected by a long bridge is located in the South western part of the Thousand Islands, with a mileage of approximately 3 hours drive from Muara Angke with passenger ships. Much has this bridge called the bridge of love.

Tidung Island which is estimated only 200 meters wide but about 5 km long, shallow beach surrounded by a graded white because overgrown with corals that appear invisible to the eye and filled with ornamental fish kept beaches berlenggok seemed mengibur eye. More fore, blue-green shades of the sea and further blue and dark blue sign in the sea, the beach is not big choppy because clusters of corals and coral reefs that surround capable of withstanding the waves, is safe for swimming.
On this island can be found settlements friendly locals and a few stalls that provide food and beverages, then this long path that will pass through public facilities, such as police stations are also friendly friendly greet the tourists passing in front of him, junior high school to students from all around the island, a collection of stalls and headed into the long bridge connecting the island with the island of Great Tidung Small Tidung without inhabitants. Health center and administrative offices are neat and tidy will also pass along the journey tracing Tidung Island.

At the beginning of this bridge, you will find a bridge high enough to go through a rather deep ocean basins, where many young children demonstrate the locals diving from the bridge as a means of playing them, quite entertaining the tourists and very inviting desire to join them perform diving in blue beach without waves.

At the end of the bridge, up the coast Tidung Small Island which is a breeding area of ​​mangrove, still perform beautifully explored by bicycle, through a path filled with weeds and deserted beaches of soft white sand, very beautiful scenery.
So for those of you who want to travel, then it does not hurt you to think of this Tidung island travel.