Monday, April 6, 2009

About Banff National Park : The Best Place in Canada

Banff National Park is set in the heart of the Canadian Rockies. It attracts roughly 4 million visitors each year. It is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site

The largest community within Banff National Park is the Town of Banff. We are a unique destination, and we take pride in accommodating visitors and providing tourism services, without losing the charm of a small mountain community.

The Town of Banff is in the province of Alberta in the southwestern corner of Banff National Park, and west of Calgary.

The townsite is about 90 minutes from Calgary via the Trans Canada Highway, and less than two hours from Calgary International Airport. The Hamlet of Lake Louise is 50 minutes further west, also within Banff National Park.

Because the Town of Banff is less than 4 km square in size and surrounded by mountain parkland and wilderness, the community really does share its space with the wildlife. Some say that a local on their way to work is as likely to see a deer as a neighborhood dog. Elk, sheep and bear sightings are not uncommon near this town filled with trees, parks and trails.

Our town also abounds with opportunities to experience... everything: from the most rugged of outdoor activities to world-class arts and culture displays (see our Activities & Events section to learn more.)

The Town of Banff plays an important and leading role in today's environmentally-concerned society.

Banff is one of only two incorporated municipalities in a Canadian national park. In keeping with this special role, we make great efforts to foster appreciation and respect for nature and mountain culture; and to meet the responsibilities of being a national park community. The Banff National Park Management Plan is a guiding document for the Town of Banff.