Thursday, December 16, 2010

Krakal Beach : The Beautiful Beach in Java

Krakal Beach,Java Beach, JogyakartKrakal Beach is the most beautiful beaches, among the entire stretch of beach along the island of Java. This beach will be built into the coastal and tourist settlements, especially foreign tourists, a kind of tourist resort of Nusa Dua on Bali island. Go to the next beach, about 6 kilometers from Kukup beach, we will find Krakal beach- a white sand beach stretch along 5 kilometers. Krakal beach the longest beach of the junction is located in Ngestirejo village, Tanjungsari district, about 3 km away in the east of Baron-Kukup-Sepanjang-Drini beach junction, has scratching white hill with blue slopes gently to the sea. The beauty of green lime-scratching hill with blue seawater offers a perfect harmony, which is very natural and ideal for sun bathing. Krakal beach mostly is a white sandy beach in Yogyakarta area. There's a development now because of its beautiful panorama of the southern sea. It should be careful here because it has big wave and the texture of the beach which are rocks meet the sands.

Krakal Beach,Java Beach, Jogyakarta Krakal Beach, shape sloping beaches, white sand, spread throughout more than 5 km. This beach receives sun from morning to evening throughout the year. Wind blown sea is very cool, waves were quite big. Although still a chain from a visit to the Beach Baron and Kukup Beach, nuance Krakal Beach en route to a slightly different location. Even so to speak, Cote Krakal give the whole picture of the beach panorama. Along the way to the location of this beach, looking beautiful scenery limestone hills interspersed with rock terraces.Alloys such rocks is known as the Karst region, namely the former seabed that experience the process of appointment of the earth's crust that rises to the top to form a plateau. These rocks, a former nest / house reef animals that live at the time. Beach Krakal relatively gentle. This allows sunlight perpantaian turn on the horizon, and with a cool sea breeze blows. White sand spread out quite long on the seashore, which is about 5 km, as always clean white washed by large waves.

Krakal Beach,Java Beach, Jogyakart
The trip to the beach this Krakal must cross the limestone hills, interspersed with rock terraces. This is characteristic of a managed Krakal area residents. Based on geological studies, in those days ago, this area is the foundation of the ocean that the appointment process that occurs in the crust of the earth, the sea is becoming increasingly higher and eventually emerged as the highlands. Coral rocks that appear at the time was the former home of coral animals that live in sea water at that time.

To reach the beach you have to go through Wonosari Krakal, Gunungkidul district capital, about 38 km from Yogyakarta. The winding road and uphill is paved with good. Krakal Beach is located approximately 21 kilometers from Wonosari, its location is located approximately 7 km to the east of the main road which branched off to the beach Baron. Geologists say that first, this place is below sea level.
Krakal Beach,Java Beach, Jogyakart
Inside the reefs, there are many fossils can still be found. Among all the beaches stretching across the coast of Java, Krakal is the most beautiful with white sands and surrounded by cliffs. Meanwhile, the waves are big and white buihnya also provides more nuance on this beach. Overall, is the most suitable place for sunbathing. This beach also offers marine plants of varying colors and a variety of colors. Krakal beach very close to the beach and Gulf Kukup Baron. This is a fact Gulf underground water channels that came out right on the beach.