Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Special Treatment of Lake Toba

History of Lake Toba :

Lake Toba, the largest fresh water like in South East Asia, and also considered lake in the world (± 500 meters) is located on the Northern side of the Barisan range, North Sumatra. The Lake stretches from the northwes to the southeas, with a length of 100 kilometers and a width of not less than 30 kilometers, and Samosir island right in the middle of it. The surface of Lake Toba is about 900 meters above sea level with a total area of about 110,260 hectares, almost twice the size of Singapore. The water catchment area around the Lake reaches 190,314 hectares while the area of Samosir island is 69,280 hectares.

The lake is located below the caldera of the Toba volcanic mountain, which erupted 75,000 years ago. Volcanologist predicted that it was the biggest volcanic eruption in history. Experts say that the eruption lasted approximately for two weeks, until the mountain finally collapsed and formed the caldera, which is now called Lake Toba. A research finding stated that the rhyolite dust, which is similar to an ignimbrite rock scattered around Lake Toba, is also found in Malaysia and on the bottom of the Bay of Bengal, around 3,000 kilometers from Toba.

Experts also stated that Lake Toba is a volcano-tectonic lake that was formed through subsidence. This means that the magma rose to the surface through a tectonic hole, and formed a volcano. The space left by the magma fomed a space inside the core of the earth, and formed a subsidence that was cut out into several parts. The large part is located in the middle, veering toward the west and formed Samosir Island. Other parts that were positioned lower formed into a lake.

The Lake Toba area is prone to earthquakes, since it is greatly affected by the large Sumatran plate. The Lake Toba region is classified as an E2-type according to the Oldeman classifications, and an A-type according to the Schmidt and Fergusson classification.

The type of land that dominates the water catchment area of Lake Toba is a Podsolic, Litosol, and Regosol that almost reach 97 percent of the total area.

Special Treatment of Lake Toba:

The Beauty of Lake Toba can’t be imaged only using a picture or sentence. It will be real if you look at by your self. A landscape of Lake Toba with the hills surrounding lake, make a fresh atmosphere and refresh the mind. The visitors sense it with swimming around. In afternoon, they can see the beauty of sun set.

Lake Toba has magic and cosmos since it believed as a place where Namborru (seven beloved ancestors of ethnic Batak) was stay. Before Ethnic Batak arranges costume ceremony around the lake, they ask to Namborru for permission, e.g. Toba Festival. There is any ceremonial to respect their ancestor.

In middle of Lake Toba, there is a land, called Pulau Samosir or Samosir Land. It have two Lake, they are Lake Sidhoni and Lake Natonang). They are lake on top of lake. Tourism object in Samosir are the resting place of king Sidaputar in Tomok Village and Traditional House of Batak Toba Samosir. The visitors can reach it using ship from Tomok Village, Samosir.

To reach Lake Toba, the visitors can use Medan-Prapat route or Medan-Berastagi using car or motorcycle about 4-5 hours.