Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Penebel Butterfly Park in Bali

Penebel Butterfly Park in Bali :
Penebel Butterfly park, this place is best place for couple. Penebel Butterfly park is 5 kms
from Tabanan city Bali. we can find it near the street, not so difficult to find it. maybe all of you know Jatiluwih(Tourism objek in Penebel), if you go to Jatiluwih, you will pass this park.
so many kind of butterfly there. all kind of Butterfly from indonesia here. everyday they free 100 butterfly there, wow sound much isn it?? not only for refreshing, in this place many scientist do a reseach of bugs. they have alot kind of butterfly and another bugs.
one of famous kind of butterfly call heaven bird wings (Omithoptera Paradise). people there
said, this butterfly is so beautiful. but, bad time, when i go there, i cant find it. we can see it puppa theres. there is one box house that is placed for the puppa to metamophs to be a butterfly. we can find that every kind of butterfly has different puppa. wow. the butterfly that just metamorph still there until they can fly by it self. if you lucky, when all of that puppa was metamorph in the same time, all of the butterfly will come to you body, maybe you can be butterfly man, hahahaha.
we can se another bugs there, like grasshopper, bugs and scorpion. there are alot kind of grasshopper, like grasshopper that looks like wood, until looks like leaf. you not only can see that bugs, but you can touch to, like this grasshopper. if another bugs, we can find in inside the glass box, like scorpion, we can only see them, you want to touch?? iam not. thanks, dont want to touch them. there is a cave that containt a bugs, you can see them all there.
the ticket not so expensive, it depend on what kind of tourism you are. if you international tourism, its around Rp. 50.000,00 - Rp. 100.000,00, but if local tourism around Rp. 20.000,00 - Rp. 50.000,00, and also what time are you go there high season or low season.