Thursday, January 20, 2011

Oase Huacachina in Peru

Oase Huacachina in peru

Huacachina Oasis Located just below the Peruvian desert, Peru, this Desert menawarkanpemandangan amazing, a glint of light when viewed from a distance. A complex of lodging has been established at this place elngkap with palm tree decoration and a unique swimming pool. Huacachina is often called the Oasis of America.
Oasis is really a beauty in the midst of the Peruvian desert dry. The place has been through a period of centuries of historic enough for the traveler. Now, when not getting the development of the Peruvian government, an oasis that often gives freshness to the traveler. Now, the location of Huacachina oasis has become a place where tourism is ready to visit the travelers. Especially those who want to feel the sensation is different from a holiday in the desert sand and relax under a palm tree. Start swimming pools, lodging, cafeteria, until the sand slides are also available.

The water that poured in the oasis of Huacachina is said to have properties to cure skin diseases and rheumatism. However, new conditions, an oasis is a slight pressure. It was caused by drought that struck the nearby town, namely Ica. The city was utilizing Huacachina meet its water needs. Indeed, the amount of water Huacachina unknown limits. However, an oasis that also has a maximum carrying capacity when not able to supply.